How to generate multiple codes for Jio sim from single 4G mobile.

by Alex
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Generally you can generate only one jio code from one device but today iam going to tll you to how to generate more than one codes from a single mobile. There is one trick from which you can generate multiple codes from single device. You have to perform below steps:-jio_bar1
1. Install myjio app & mtk engineering app on your mobile.
2. Now open myjio app & generate first time code by filling all your details.
3. To generate second code you have to change your IMEI no. You can do this by mtk engineering app.To use this switch off your internet.jio_bar2
4. Now open mtk engineering & go to MTK Settings => Connectivity => CDS Information => Radio Information => Phone 1jio_bar_code3
5. If you type AT there it will show AT+EGMR=1,7″” below. Select it.jio_bar4
6. Remove one ” from this & copy your IMEI no. shown below on your mobile screen.
7. Now change the last thee digit of your IMEI no. which you just paste.Put ” at the end.jio_bar5
8. Now click Send at commandjio_bar6
9. Sometimes you get ‘Not Allowed in UserBuild’. To remove this error give space after AT.Now you will get AT command is sent: OK’jio_bar7
10. Now you have to change second IMEI no. For this put 10 in place of 7 in AT+EGMR=1,7.Now click on Send at command afte changing the last three digit of your IMEI no.jio_bar8
11. After that restart your phone.Clear your app data in Settings => Apps => MyJio.jio_bar9
12. Now open myjio app & generate second code with another mobile no.

Thats all………

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