Hug SmartWatch Customer Care Helpline Details

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Hug Innovations

At Hug Innovations, they constantly endeavour to bridge the gap between people and technology through their wearable products. They believe that world is in growing need of technology that is more companion than gadget. Innovations you can adopt without having to adapt to them.

For them, there couldn’t be a simpler, more approachable word than ‘Hug’ to convey their passion and personality. ‘Innovations’ represents the cutting-edge, next generation technology that they are developing to transform the wearable space.

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Together, Hug Innovations represents their mission to deliver sustainable lifestyle companions that you don’t have to learn how to use.

Hug Smartwatch, when unveiled at the Microsoft Future Unleashed last year, created ripples in the growing world of smart watches as it boasted of some unique features and cost only a fraction of competing models.

This smart watch, capable of flying drones, navigating smart televisions, and controlling virtual reality-based applications through hand gestures, isn’t a product from any technology giant, but from a techie of Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, who turned entrepreneur for a social cause.

Hug SmartWatch Customer Care Helpline Details:-
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