Polaroid LED TV/Camera/Printer Customer Care Contact Details

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polaroidPolaroid LED TV/Camera

The Polaroid Corporation was founded in 1937 by Edwin H. Land. It is most famous for its instant film cameras, which reached the market in 1948, and continued to be the company’s flaghip product line. The company’s original dominant market was in polarized sunglasses, an outgrowth of Land’s self-guided research in polarization after leaving Harvard University at the age of 17 (he later returned to Harvard to continue his research). After Polaroid defeated Kodak in a patent battle, Kodak left the instant camera business on January 9, 1986. ew3w

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Early instant camera were often referred to and titled as “Land yaassss Cameras,” named after the inventor of the instant process, Dr. Land. Instant cameras have been produced to use three main categories of film: rollfilm, packfilm, and integral film. All of these films can be expensive, usually costing about $1 per shot, or print. Through its history, Polaroid has been known as a company that builds quirky cameras cheaply that work quite well. Most Polaroid cameras have fully automatic exposure systems, with an electronic eye to determine correct exposure. Quality can range from extremely good, as in the Pathfinder or SX -70 cameras, to extremely poor, as in the Joycam. Despite its history of innovation, the company entered the digital photography market very late in the game, and as a result has neither a significant market share nor significant innovation in this area.

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Professional applications of the Polaroid instant film and cameras were as screen-shot cameras for scientific instruments, passport / identity photos, or large format cameras of other manufacturers equipped with Polaroid sheet film holders or pack film backs. Polaroid shots were often used to test studio lighting setups before use of other types of film or camera, before the instant playback of digital cameras became available.

The company filed for federal bankruptcy protection in October 11, 2001, and most of the business was thereafter carried on by the Polaroid Holding Company (PHC), managed by Bank One. Significant criticism surrounded this takeover because the process left executives of the company with large bonuses, while stockholders, as well as current and retired employees, were left with nothing. Polaroid’s bankruptcy was widely believed to be the result of the failure of its senior management to see the effect of digital cameras on its film business, a fate that also befell its primary rival, Kodak. Since the bankruptcy Polaroid branded LCD and Plasma televisions and portable DVD players have appeared on the market.

On April 27, 2005, Petters Group Worldwide announced its acquisition of PHC. Petters has in the past bought up failed companies with well-known names for the value of those names. The same year, Flextronics purchased Polaroid’s manufacturing operations and the decision was made to send most of the manufacturing to China. In January 2009 Polaroid introduced the digital instant camera PoGo TWO, a variant of Polaroid’s innovative portable PoGo photo printer with built-in digicam. The very compact PoGo printers use special Zink paper for ink-free printing.

In March 2009, following bankruptcy proceedings, the Polaroid brandname was sold once more. In July 2010 Polaroid announced a partnership with interactive multi-channel retailer HSN to further strengthen Polaroid’s retail presence.After that polaroid started their new journey which is now going on

Polaroid LED TV/Camera Customer Care Contact Details:-

Polaroid Cube Lifestyle Action Camera
Phone: +44 1782 753367
Email: polaroidsupport@jpss.co.uk

Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer
Phone: +44 1782 753367
Email: polaroidsupport@jpss.co.uk

Polaroid Camera Accessories
Phone: 0-800-917-4831
Email: polaroid@sakar.com
Website: http://www.polaroidcamerasupport.com

Polaroid 40″ Full HD LED TV
Phone: 1-800-425-2604
Email: Polaroidsupport@jeeves.co.in
Website: www.polaroidtv.in

Polaroid India Website:- http://polaroid.com/international/india

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