Youtube Tips & Tricks

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youtubeYoutube Tips & Tricks

1. Type ‘Beam me up Scotty‘ in youtube search bar & see the magic
2. Type ‘Use the force Luke‘ in youtube search bar. The you tube start dancing
3. Type ‘ss‘ after www. in your url to save your youtube videos
4. Some videos require age verification so remove “watch?” & put “v/” in place of “v=
5. Type ‘doge meme‘ in youtube search bar youtube will become coloured
6. For pause & Play press k
7. For reverse video 10 seconds press j
8. For forward video 10 seconds press 1
9. To mute the volume press m
10. If you want to operate your youtube from keyboard then put ‘/leanback‘ after ‘
11. If you do not want to autoplay videos in youtube then on right top corner stop autoplay option

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