USB not detecting in windows 7

by Abhishek A
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USB drives not detecting in windows 7. USB device driver is installing but device is not detecting

If the problem remains as it as,

Method 1

Open drivers folder located in system32 directory,

Aliexpress IN

Open “Run”, press Winlogon button +R and type “drivers” press enter.



Search “USBSTOR.SYS” file


Check its permission, if system doesn’t have full permission, give full permission to system and try again.


Apply -> OK

Disconnect USB drive and connect again and uninstall and install the driver from Device Management.

Method 2

Enable USB from registry.

Check the value of start and WriteProtect in registry. Value of start should be 3 and vlaue of WriteProtect should be 0.

Open Registry Edit.

Open “Run”, press Winlogon button +R and type “regedit” press enter.



Once registry edit is opened go to the location



In the right panel, you can see a DWORD named start, modify its value to 3.


modify_start modify_start_3 usbstor

the, go to location



In the right panel,you can see a DWORD named WriteProtect, modify its value to 0.

Modify Modify_0 WriteProtect_0

Done! 4e5cf7d4ccb9c59b6620a9c71944d51e

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Sam November 11, 2015 at 11:17 am

thank u sir, very useful problem got resolved


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